The Team

Samantha Sambreilaz

Samantha Sambrielaz is Kelowna born and raised, and the principal owner of Dual Influence Dance Studio. She began her dancing career since she was 6 years old, doing Highland dancing. She trained and competed in Highland dancing for 10 years. At age 15 she discovered Latin dancing and that was it! Samantha began seriously training in Latin dancing with competitions and private lessons under Warren Eaton, founder of Latinesque Dance Studio. It was he who also trained her how to teach.

Samantha has been teaching since she was 17 years old. She met her partner Jaime in 2010 and began teaching with him in 2013. Samantha has travelled the world, seeking to improve her craft. She has trained in Canada as well as France, Portugal, The United States, India, etc., from world champions and dancers of the highest caliber. She continually brings this wealth of knowledge to her classes.

Samantha is one of Kelowna’s most respected dance instructors. She strives to deliver cutting-edge technique in an open and welcoming environment.

Jaime Cuberos

Jaime Cuberos was born in Villavicencio, Colombia. Raised in El Salvador, he grew up listening to Latin music and always had an interest in dancing. In 2008 Jaime moved to Canada, and in his first year of university his true love for dancing blossomed.

Starting at UBC-O’s Latin Dance club, Jaime started training in earnest after meeting Samantha when he turned 21. He has been training and teaching with Samantha for the past 5 years, ever hungry for more knowledge. Like Samantha, Jaime has sought instruction from the top Latin dancers and continues to grow. Jaime’s passion and energy characterises his lessons, and lends to the vibrant environment that Dual Influence is proud to create.